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Begin your DICAON4D
Begin your DICAON4D experience Software Download / Installation / License Check
Let’s start with downloading the software on your PC.

Follow through the video to install Dicaon4D.
All: For common user.
Custom: For clinic with multiple PC.

License Check

Either insert USB lock key on your PC
Input trial key to activate Dicaon4D.

License Input
Adding Patient

Let’s start with Dicaon4D by adding a patient.

Edit Patient
Delete patient
Import 3D Files

Add 3D files of your patient.

Export 3D Files
Delete work
3D Viewer
Basic operation of DICAON4D
Discover 3D viewer

Discover how to use 3D viewer within Dicaon4D.
Left Click: Hold and drag to rotate the model.
Right Click: Hold and drag to move the model.
Scroll: Zoom in/out

Teeth, Gingival Show / Hide functions
Additional functions to change your view settings.
Getting ready for digital setup
Preparing 3D files for appliance production

Now, let’s prepare your 3D data for appliance production
Correcting the coordination of your 3D files into Dicaon4D.

Creating base plane

Creating base for digital printing.

Creating base region

Dividing gingival and individual teeth.

Set tooth Axis
FA point / FACC
Digital Setup
Digital Setup for appliance production
Starting digital setup

We can get started with digital setup now.
Follow through these videos step by step.

Moving the teeth
Here, we will demonstrate how to move indivudual tooth to your desired location.
Applying IPR
How to apply virtual IPR for space management.

Sometimes, extraction is required for patient’s orthodontic treatment.
Follow through this video to learn how to apply extraction on your digital case.

Fixation will allows your selected tooth will not be affected by Bump functions.
Fixation will allows your selected tooth will not be affected by Bump functions.
Bump functions will help you shorten your chairtime.
Bump Push
Creating layers
Creating layers will allow you to stage your digital setup.
You can superimpose your layers and initial model to observe current progress.
Occlusion Check
Occlusion Check function visualizes your setup’s occlusion.
Checking tooth movement value
You can immediately check how much movement you have made for each tooth.
Edit your digital setup
Edit your digital setup layer by layer.
Copy your digital setup
You can copy your digital setup, allowing you to try different treatment method.
Animation of your digital setup
Check animation of your digital setup.
Clear Aligner Design
Step-by-step guide for clear aligner production
Divide your digital setup into steps

Now, we will divide your digital setup into steps.
Decide how many aligners are required for your patient.

Edit steps
You can change inbetween your steps for perfection of the treatment.
Place your desired attachments layer by layer to maximize your movements.
Add labels
Place labels for your digital printing process.
View all steps
You can check all your steps to check the progress of your treatment.
Export to print
Click export to print your clear aligners and you may choose Base cutting option to trim your base.
IDB Core Design
How to produce your IDB core with DICAON4D
Labial brackets
Create IDB tray with our labial bracket library.
Lingual brackets
Create IDB tray with our lingual bracket library.
Edit your bracket placements
You can change your bracket placements.
Check bracket interference
Check if the brackets are placed accordingly without any interferences.
Export to print
Export your 3D file with bracket guides included for IDB trays.
Additional Functions
Various functions to shorten your chairtime.
Display 2D images
You can also import 2D images of your patient.
Share your projects
You can share your projects by exporting it as a project file.
Check Analysis
Check out the report which includes bolton ratio, tooth width and etc.
Edit mesh
Edit your 3D file mesh for better result. You can also edit your mesh after segmentation stage.
Change the movement axis options
Change your movement option into: Occ & Tip: to maintain your occlusion. Long Axis & Root: for realistic movements.
View Section view
Check if your occlusion scan is done accordingly.
Superimpose cephalometric image
User can superimpose patient’s lateral cephalo image.
Change the numbering system
Ask for real time help
Our team is ready to respond to your questions and issues that you might encounter.
Backup options
You safetly keep your data with backups.
Language options

Currently we support English and Chinese only.
After selecting your language option, reboot the Dicaon4D.

Apply updates

Simply click Dicaon4D logo on top right corner to update the software.

Producing clear aligners
Process of clear aligner production
3D Print & Vacuum Forming
Appliance Trimming
This video explains how to produce clear aligners after digital setup on Dicaon4D from 3D printing to appliance production.
Producing IDB Core
Process of IDB core production
3D Print
Bracket Placements
Vacuum Forming
Appliance Trimming
This video explains how to produce clear aligners after digital setup on Dicaon4D from 3D printing to appliance production.
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