Dentis USA Corporation protects the privacy of everyone who visits our websites and
applications. This statement explains our privacy practices regarding the gathering,
safeguarding, and sharing of information derived from your use of Dentis USA’s
websites and applications. This includes both data that is automatically collected and
data you voluntarily submit. Specifically, we do not sell or redistribute personal
information gathered through our websites and applications.
Law and Policy:
Dentis USA Corporation complies with all applicable state and federal privacy laws,
including, but not limited to, the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), the Family
Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act (HIPAA), the California Public Records Act, the Integrated Dentis USA
Policy for Responsible Use, and associated Data Security Policies.
Dentis USA will also adhere to lawful subpoenas or court orders, which may encompass
data collected through websites and applications.
Dentis USA Corporation, through its academic research and administrative units,
programs, and Auxiliaries, owns, controls, operates, maintains, or has contractual
relationships with various websites and applications. This policy pertains to all these
sites and applications.
This policy is designed to clarify the relationship between Dentis USA Corporation and
the data of students, faculty, and staff, friends of Dentis USA, and all users of its
websites and applications. Individual units within Dentis USA may provide additional
details or amendments to this policy concerning their handling of private data. Any such
details must reference the “Dentis USA Online Privacy Policy,” including a link to this
policy. No additional details may undermine the privacy protections outlined herein. All
components of Dentis USA Corporation are mandated to adhere to this privacy policy.
Information We Collect Automatically:
While you browse our pages, Dentis USA Corporation gathers anonymous traffic data
through cookies, which are small files linked to the website or application you’re using.
These files act as a kind of ‘short-term memory’ for the site or application. The data
stored in cookies may include generalized information about your visit, which is

sometimes combined with data from other visits. This helps us understand user
interactions with our websites and applications and ensures their proper functionality.
This may involve details such as the internet address you connected from, the webpage
that led you to our site, the sequence and duration of your visits to our resources.
Many Dentis USA Corporation sites utilize the Google Analytics service. We may employ
other data collection and analysis tools, provided they do not gather any Personally
Identifiable Information (PII).
Additionally, it is standard for all web servers on the Internet to log basic details about
each connection in their server logs. This includes the IP addresses making requests,
the types of resources requested, the timing of those requests, and whether the
requests were successful.
How We Use This Data:
We compile this information to enhance our websites and applications by
understanding usage patterns and maintaining the technical quality of our systems and
Dentis USA Corporation may use both automatically and voluntarily provided
information, including your personal details, to customize web pages or other
communications according to your preferences, interests, or roles.
Information You Provide Voluntarily:
To access restricted data, our websites and applications require user authentication.
Once logged in, you may need to provide personal details such as your name, email
address, physical address, birthday, and student ID number, among others. While
authenticated, you can also view and interact with private data like grades, enrollment
details, class activities, or other sensitive information. This information remains under
your control and can only be shared with others through your direct actions. Dentis USA
Corporation provides tools to help you share information with others, but no data will be
shared outside of Dentis USA and/or its contracted providers without your explicit
consent and action.
Links to external sites, or content embedded in our site(s) from outside sources:
Dentis USA Corporation websites and applications may feature links to other websites
and/or applications or may display content from external services or providers. Except
as part of formal business agreements between Dentis USA Corporation and service
vendors, a link from a Dentis USA Corporation site does not constitute an endorsement
of the linked site. While Dentis USA Corporation aims to carefully manage third-party

embedded content, these third parties maintain their own privacy policies. Dentis USA
Corporation is not responsible for the privacy practices of these external parties. For
your own protection, it is advised that you review the privacy policy of any site that you
visit through our links or to which you submit personal information.
Choosing not to be tracked:
Websites monitor users anonymously, utilizing both first-party and third-party HTTP
cookies for usage analysis. These websites track visitors through first-party logging and
reporting mechanisms, along with Google Analytics.
If you prefer not to be tracked during your visit to Dentis USA websites, you can choose
any of the following options:
 In Google Chrome: Download and install the Do Not Track extension from
the Chrome Web Store.
 In Firefox: Activate the Do Not Track feature.
 Opt out through the Network Advertising Initiative.
This information is offered as a gesture of goodwill, and these functionalities are not
endorsed or supported by Dentis USA Corporation in any capacity
Questions, Comments, or Suggestions:
If you wish to reach out to us regarding this policy, please feel free to contact the Dentis
USA Corporation at
To report any violation of this policy:
If you suspect that your personal information has been disclosed without authorization,

please contact Dentis USA Corporation at