Luvis Sugical Light


Professional LED Surgical Light System
User-Friendly Features

High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Luvis suggests a high CRI of Ra 95 which will give a clear and natural color. It helps reduce strain on the patient’s eyes.

Choose Color Temperature

There are 3 color temperatures to choose from (4,000K/4,500K/5,000K) to provide versatility for different circumstances.

Wider Focus

With its highest level of uniformity (d50/d10>75) and wider focal pattern, Luvis-C500 delivers consistency across all focal lengths.

Easy to Control

Luvis-C500 two types of control. There is a conventional control panel on the back of the light. From the front, the user can control On/Off and brightness via a sensor.

Detachable Handle

It can be used inside an autoclave without damage.

New Features
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