3D Printer

Incredible speed and accuracy
Advantages of the ZENITH 3D Printer

Excellent Quality

Wax-up, dental models, surgical guides and clear aligners are made with precision to fit the client


By not outsourcing the printing of dental models, surgical guides and clear aligners, means more money
in your pocket.

Saves Time

The turnaround time for you and your patient is greatly reduced by printing at your clinic.

Dedicated Software

Dentiq is the software we developed to work seamlessly with our ZENITH 3D printers.

Wide Range of Application

ZENITH offers a variety of applications with the capability to print surgical guide, clear aligner, dental model, among others.

Popular Products


  • Ultrafast speed
  • Excellent quality (16um)
  • Convenient operation
  • Wide range of application
  • F-Theta lens
  • Z-AXIS actuator
  • SLA printing technology


  • Ultrafast speed
  • Excellent quality
  • Wide range of application
  • Self -Heated resin tank
  • Z-AXIS actuator
  • DLP light system
  • Dedicated software


  • EFFICIENCY: It only takes 15 minutes to design crown and bridge
  • PRECISION: ZENITH L2 automatically mixes the resin to speed up the process and increase accuracy
  • CONVENIENCE: No need to change the film anymore. It is all in one tray
  • CLEANLINESS: The first 3D printer equipped with an oil mist filter 
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