Dentiq Guide

Dental Guide

DentiqGuide is a dental implant planning and design software to perform implant treatments planning & simulation based on prosthetics and design any surgical guides including even edentulous cases.

Our implant planning & design software supports various implant surgery cases for dental clinics and fully realizes open digital implant workflow for dental labs and vendors. So, you can deliver the best results to your patients.

Key Features

  • Supports fast and accurate implant treatment planning, virtual simulation and surgical guide design using high quality 3D imaging, high accuracy alignment, and high performance of digital design.
  • Provides flexible digital workflow stages that can be adapted to suit user’s purpose – Scan, Plan, Design, and Print.
  • Provides the advanced temporary crown design
  • Support the various patient clinical indications including fully or partially edentulous cases
  • Generation of 3D printing model base for pre-operative check the treatment planning
  • Easy management of implant libraries, in addition to offer various implant libraries
  • Economical software fee policy based on pay-per-print payment model
  • New! Quick installation and easy registration of software with web based licensing mechanism

To be released in 2Q21

  • Interoperability with global web service platforms that allows dental clinics to order guide design and print offerings to dental labs
  • Support of various types of assembled guide for more accurate implant treatment of fully edentulous case


Dental manager
Patient registration and data management
Case setup
tooth number selection for Implant
Load data
CT scan data and optical(intra-oral) scan data loading
Alignment between CT scan data and optical(intra-oral) scan data
Tooth removal
For immediate implantation after extraction
Crown design
Crown Positioning and modification
raw arch curve
To make panoramic view and cross sectional view
Nerve setting
To consider position between implant and nerve
Implant placement
Implant Placement based on crown position
Guide design
To make and design guide surface
To export guide STL, Project file, surgical report and drilling protocol
Project Save
To save current working history
S/W License without dongle (Trial, Full version)
Color scan data
To view 3D oral scan data realistically
Generating model base
To allow real fit verification of oral scan data and design data
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