DENTIS will be hosting the “2019 DENTIS WORLD IMPLANT SYMPOSIUM” in Madrid, Spain, in November 2019.

​The symposium, organized by GDIA, PIEG, and GT Medical, will be held from November 21 to 24 at the RIU PLAZA ESPAÑA HOTEL on the topic “State-of-theart technology for the new dental era.”

This symposium is especially exclusive as it is the first such in Spain and organized on the grandest scale with various events and lectures from the best global directors.

On the 21st, the first day of the event, Dr. Wongun Chang, Dr. Insung Jeon, and Dr. Jaeyoon Kim from South Korea and Dr. Shumovsky Dimitry and Dr. Khegay Igor from Russia (to provide special Russian lectures) will be the speakers to talk about SINUS Hands-on, Digital Orthodontic Treatment and Advanced Implantology.

There will also be various other global speakers on the 22nd, the main day of the lectures. Eleven global speakers, namely Dr. Ricardo Faría Almeida from Portugal; Dr. Joaquín Mendoza, Dr. Samuel Olivan, Dr. Juan Lara, and Dr. Jose Luis Mompell from Spain; Dr. Jin Kim and Dr. Tony Daher from the United States of America; Dr. Burak Demiralp from Turkey; and Dr. Wongun Chang, Dr. Insung Jeon, and Dr. Jaeyoon Kim from South Korea, will deliver in-depth and invaluable lectures that cover clinical solutions with respect to implants and digital dentistry.

DENTIS has not only prepared main lectures but also various programs for this 4-day-long symposium. There are particularly great expectations from this symposium
as it has been announced that there will also be a Gala Dinner with a dress code (red), allowing participants to enjoy and exchange information in an informal atmosphere.

Based on the educational and academic skills over the past several years, DENTIS has justified its position as a global academic leader and is also preparing various academic events for 2020, a year of greater expectations from DENTIS as there are plans for holding the world symposium, on the topic “Current and Future Trends in Modern Implant dentistry,” in Turkey in November as well as various seminars and academic events worldwide.

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