CDA 2023 San Jose Convention Center

DENTIS Booth #746

September 7-9, 2023

We come to CDA to deliver the most affordable yet promising implant and dental solution for your evermore thriving dental practice. Beyond the products and services, DENTIS USA will present the educational sessions that will give you the crucial tips to the successful implant surgeries in various cases.

The DENTIS Programs, Services and Promotions


                                                      Presented by Dr. Janice Wang DDS (Friday, 9/8, 11:00 AM)

Presented by Dr. Sien Siao, DDS (Saturday, 9/9, 11:00 AM)

Presented by Dr. Janice Wang DDS (Saturday, 9/9, 2:00 PM)


Please visit DENTIS booth for Refreshments!!

Beverages are our treat!!

Raffle Event

Join to Win a DENTIS Hydro Flask!!

CDA ONLY Mega Promotion for the quality indispensable products for your practice!


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