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Last weekend, DENTIS proudly hosted our Global Dental Implant Workshop at the renown Dental Institute at Kyung Hee University. We were so thankful to have Dentists from Iran join us on this momentous occasion.


This event was conducted for overseas Dentists – especially in Iran. The Global Dental Workshop includes activities such as lectures, hands-on, and hospital tours. The event lasted for 3 days total – 2 days at Workshop and 1 day for touring Seoul.

First, a special seminar for overseas dentists was held with speakers including Professor Kwon Yong-dae (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery), Professor Lim Hyun-chang (Periodontology), Professor Hong Sung-jin (Prosthodontics), and Director Chang Dong-wook (Win Dental) from the College of Dentistry at Kyung Hee University. They led the seminar with presentations.

The seminar covered topics such as GBR, SINUS, GUIDE SURGERY – and included a hands-on workshop program where participants could directly acquire knowledge and experience.

Around 20 Iranian Dentists participated in the workshop, where they utilized DENTIS’ various products such as SQ Implant, SQ Guide, SAVE KIT. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, they were able to practically train their skills.

It was a great opportunity for the Iranian Dentists to directly experience and understand DENTIS’ technological capabilities. The active participation and questions from the Iranian dentists created an atmosphere filled with the enthusiasm for learning.

After the lecture, the Iranian Dentists continued their learning experience with a tour of Kyung Hee University Dental Hospital, known for its high-quality dental education, clinical practice, and research.

Exploring various dental departments such as Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Oral Medicine, and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the Iranian dentists had the opportunity to observe different clinical environments and key facilities. This provided valuable insights into the advanced dental healthcare system in Korea.

After the conclusion of all the programs, there was also a time dedicated to presenting certificates of completion to the Iranian dentists who participated in the “Global Dental Implant Workshop.”

Lastly, the event concluded with a beautiful Seoul city tour and cultural experiences, providing participants with an opportunity to explore the city.

DENTIS is actively spreading world-class K-DENTISTRY through various industry-academic collaborations to dentists and stakeholders both domestically and internationally.

As a global company, DENTIS will continue its efforts to promote excellent S.Korean dental clinical practices and solutions through diverse global academic programs.

Thank you.

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