2018 Hot issue & Dental trend, looked back by DENTIS

Premium Implant, Digital Guide, 3D Printer, Digital Clear Aligner

DENTIS is in the center of attention in digital dentistry market by releasing ZENITH D, a DLP 3D printer, in last June and adding LED Curing Machine lineup as well.

DENTIS is truly the best leader of digital dentistry in Republic of Korea, and it is a company that has various output method and exclusive material, and curing technology as well by developing both SLA and DLP 3D printing technology uniquely in domestic companies. With its unique technology, DENTIS is not only providing a perfect 3D printer with the world’s level but also is reporting ZENITH as an epitome of dental 3D printer by releasing various exclusive materials that are applied in clinical dentistry and also LED curing machine that was completed by many years’ optical technology.

Also, digital guide system that represents digital dentistry is being provided. In accordance with the motto that goes ‘It has to be easy to be a digital.’, self design and chair-side digital guide system with easy usage is provided. It is obtaining a good response since clinicians with not much experience who is hesitating on introducing of initial digital guide could easily approach, because it is an open system that is compatible with all implants other than DENTIS.

In addition, SQ implant which was completed through several years’ clinical experience and technical skills by DENTIS is a product with maximized convenience and safety of surgery with the concept of removing the installation stress of clinicians, and it is getting a review that ‘It is an optimized product for digital implant.’, and is gaining a big time popularity as digital combination solution.

DICAON 4D which was recently released and is being talked about as next generation digital clear orthodontics software is also attracting the attention continuously with the state-of-the-art digital orthodontic solution. Also DICAO is providing a differentiated set-up service which is directly run by long-term clinical know-hows in knowledge and technology of set-up specialist for DICAO clear orthodontics users.

Like this, in the business world, recently, digital dentistry is the leading trend of the market and its key items are digital guide, 3D printer, and digital orthodontics, and they are bringing attention, and the competition is also speeding up. Since it is a cutting edge product, technology and accurate outcome is also important, and capacity of the manufacturer and supporting range as well should be carefully investigated for continuous management and utilization.

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