All-inclusive Implant • Prosthetic • Kit • Guide System!

Introducing a product line-up that has completely covered from analog to digital!

DENTIS has been at the center of attention among dentists worldwide with its launching of numerous new products for implant surgery in 2019.

The new products of DENTIS that await global launching after their introduction through the past IDS are expected to be launched in Korea first, followed by other countries through overseas certifications. These include “SQ” implant with maximized osseointegration and implantability based on 13 years of clinical expertise, “OneQ” implant that has been very popular among global users from the beginning of its launch due to its various clinical indications, and “S-Line” abutment for esthetic implant, creating a complete solution that completes the implant lineup from DENTIS, which has garnered global interest even before the product launch.

Additionally, DENTIS, which has become very popular among global users for its diverse line-up of surgical kits and convenience products, will introduce an analog guide solution called “Guide Wheel Kit,” which can allow accurate implant placement without using a stent or digital equipment.

As a leader in digital dentistry who has been very active in the global market, DENTIS will also introduce a new digital guide system called “SQ GUIDE,” which will be a full guide system developed exclusively for use with SQ implant. Through SQ GUIDE, DENTIS plan to strengthen the clinical capability of SQ Implant users and satisfies various preferences of global users and the open guide system “SIMPLE GUIDE Plus ” which is already being used by various global users.

DENTIS plans to increase customer satisfaction and introduce proprietary cutting- edge technology to users worldwide through global launching of latest implant solution and digital system.

Meanwhile, DENTIS is sharing various clinical information using the new products and latest academic information, while planning and operating seminars and academy tailored to global users based on country and level . In particular, DENTIS is providing high-quality worldwide lectures by an on-hand educational program through GDIA.

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